Business Visa

  • Business Talent Visa

The purpose of the Business Talent visa is to allow high-calibre business people and venture capitalists to migrate permanently to Australia. There are two streams under which an applicant can qualify for this visa:

  • Significant Business History stream: for applicants who have had a very successful business career, and wish to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia. 
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream: for applicants who have obtained the requisite funding from an Australian venture capital firm.
  • Business Innovation & Investment Visa

    The provisional Business Innovation & Investment visa provides a pathway to permanent residency for business people who want to own and manage a business in Australia, or make an investment here. It is valid for up to four years. You may only apply for this visa if you have lodged an Expression of Interest, have been successfully nominated by an Australian State or Territory and have subsequently received an invitation to lodge a visa application.

    There are three streams under which business people can apply for the provisional visa.

  • Investor Retirement Visa

    The Investor Retirement visa allows self-funded retirees with no dependents to temporarily reside in Australia during their retirement years. To qualify for this visa you must be at least 55 years old, and able to make a significant long-term financial investment in Australia. The visa is valid for four years, although you can apply for further Investor Retirement visas if you continue to meet the relevant requirements.
  • Business Visitor Stream (Visitor Visa)

    The purpose of the Visitor visa is to allow people to travel to Australia for tourism or business purposes, or to visit family, on a temporary basis. The Business Visitor Stream is for people travelling to Australia for short-term business purposes, such as a conference, negotiation or meeting.